G.O.T. Systems has been providing technology solutions for Independent Grocers for 30 years.

Founded and still managed today by the son of a grocer who has spent his entire life in the grocery business, G.O.T. prides itself on understanding the challenges of our industry and creating innovative tools that solve big problems.


  • Maintain Compliance

  • Reduce Inventory on Hand

  • Increase the Bottom Line

  • Reduce the Cost of Goods

  • Reduce Shrink

  • Save Labor Hours

  • Improve Pricing Accuracy

  • Improve Consumer Experience

Independent Grocers across the United States trust G.O.T. to help them improve their operations. We go so far to even store all data on servers 125 feet underground where it is safe from Mother Nature. The technology in the advanced data center protects it further, from hackers and others who might want to try to steal or destroy it.

Proud Hardware Partners

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Our Team

Sam Levine
Sam LevineFounder and President
Back in the 1980s, Sam Levine, a second generation owner of a local Grocery store in Missouri, realized he didn’t have the tools he needed to manage his store. When he couldn’t find those tools on the market, he hired a programmer to develop what he wanted. Soon, other retailers wanted to use those tools, and Sam sold his store and created G.O.T. Systems (Grocery Order Tracking). Through the years, the systems have grown and become ever-more sophisticated to provide independent grocers the tools they need to survive and grow.
Jan Sokol
Jan SokolChief Operating Officer
Jan Sokol, CPA, joined G.O.T. in the mid-2000’s and works with Sam to make G.O.T. the most valuable tool in an Independent Grocer’s toolbox. Jan’s strong background in retail and other industries includes a concentration focused on developing and integrating systems into workflow production. Aimed with that knowledge and experience, Jan focuses on day-to-day operational issues and is our customer’s key contact for sales and system installations.
Brian Levine
Brian LevineCustomer Service Manager
Brian Levine, the family’s third generation in the grocery industry, is responsible for the daily responsibilities surrounding G.O.T.’s help desk. Brian has literally grown from cradle to today with G.O.T., and brings the next generation’s perspective to our management team. With G.O.T.’s focus on customer service, Brian’s role is critical in ensuring that G.O.T. has the right team and tools in place to help our customers get the most value possible from our system. Our help desk team is on the front lines of helping our customers 365 days a year.