Customer Testimonial Highlights - GOT SYSTEMS

Testimonial Highlights

This video features highlights of interviews with three long-time GOT customers discussing the way they use GOT’s technology in many different ways within their stores.

If you prefer, check out the complete individual interviews,  plus more below:

  • Jackie Lawrence, Mac’s Fresh Market
  • John Stanze, Cosentino Food Stores
  • Jay Lawrence, Lawrence Brother Supermarkets

Jackie Lawrence, Owner Mac’s Fresh Market, Monroe, LA

Jackie talks about:

  • Lowering the cost of goods.
  • G.O.T.’s online portal.
  • G.O.T.’s ordering system.
  • Booking ad product through G.O.T.
  • Shrink tracking and markdown printers.
  • More…
Customer Testimonials - Jackie Lawrence, Owner - Mac's Fresh Market
Mac's fresh market logo
Customer Testimonials - Jay Lawrence, Lawrence Brothers Supermarkets

Jay Lawrence, Owner
Lawrence Brothers Supermarkets
Sweetwater, TX

Jay Talks About:

  • Ordify™ tags.
  • Training.
  • Ordify™ price verification.
  • Inventory function.
  • G.O.T.’s proactive approach to industry changes.


Customer Testimonials - Jared Phelps, GM and Ed Trueblood, Store Manager - Phelps Market
phelps market logo

Jared Phelps, GM
Ed Trueblood, Store Manager
Phelps Market, Mannford, OK

Jared and Ed talk about:

  • Receiving warehouse trucks.
  • G.O.T. in a single store vs. chains.
  • Inventory function.
  • G.O.T. Grind Logs.
  • G.O.T. service.
Customer Testimonials - Jake Shell, Training Supervisor, Doc's Food Stores
country mart logo

Jake Shell, Training Supervisor
Doc’s Food Stores, Bixby, OK

Jake talks about:

  • Automated replenishment, Dairy
  • Shrink tracking.
  • G.O.T. as a business partner.
  • G.O.T. innovation.
  • Ordify™ tags.
Customer Testimonials - Aaron Floersch, Operations, Ray's Apple Market

Aaron Floersch, Operations
Ray’s Apple Market, Clay Center, KS

Aaron talks about:

  • Ordify™
  • Price Verification as you order.
  • Labor savings for hanging tags/signs.
  • Using placement to simplify online order picking.
  • Product Mix Optimization
  • Receiving warehouse trucks.