Our Shrink and Markdown products are available to any retailer, but our knowledge and expertise revolve around Independent Grocers, Meat Markets, Natural Food Stores, and other businesses that operate much like an Independent Grocer.


With G.O.T.’s smart handheld scanner and mobile printer, create markdown labels for any product in the store on the fly. Get something out of product that would have previously gone in the trash… damaged, short dated, past season, discontinued, or just slow movers.
With extensive reporting capabilities, analyze what you are marking down, and change production/buying habits. Make a huge impact on your bottom line! Grab your customer’s attention and give them more information about their savings!



Do you know how much shrink you have in your stores? Do you have a way to identify every product that is thrown away or destroyed, donated, or used in production in your Deli, Bakery, or Salad Bar? Do you have little scraps of paper that are impossible to read or keep getting lost? How can you reduce your shrink if you don’t know what it is? With a G.O.T. scanner in the hands of your employees, scan or enter shrink on ANY product in the store. Need to record 12 various cartons of milk and cream that went out of date? Is the Deli grabbing 10 pounds of bananas and two boxes of Vanilla Wafers to make banana pudding? Capture that data with G.O.T.. Assign true costs to each department. Once you record known loss, you can measure unknown loss, and take measures to reduce all losses. “What you don’t know CAN hurt you!”

G.O.T. Systems solutions are easy to use, quick to deploy, offer extensive U.S.-based support when you need it, and are tailored to the unique way you operate your stores.