Find out what’s happening at your customer service desk.

Capture the information that will let you improve your service, and keep your customers even more satisfied!

Capture the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHY – not just the dollars for refunds.

Analyze Your Data

Use our web-based app to analyze your data whenever you need it.

Customer Relationship Management

Use this tool to log customer phone calls and comments for later analysis and follow-up.

Fix Pricing Errors In Minutes

Pricing errors? Not in POS? Notify Pricing with an immediate email or text and have the reported problem fixed immediately.

Customer Loyalty Information

Immediately send an email or text asking for feedback from your customers, have them take a survey or send them a token of your appreciation.

G.O.T. Systems solutions are easy to use, quick to deploy, offer extensive U.S.-based support when you need it, and are tailored to the unique way you operate your stores.